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Sun Exposure and Your Health: Positive & Harmful

Bright as the sun, one wish to look like the bright shine in a sunny day, embalming the wide horizon, it has great effects on the living objects in the universe. The overall positive effects of the sun keep the skin healthy and are a major source of Vitamin D. Sunshine should be enjoyed in moderation as the doctors suggest, too much exposure could result in sunburn and harmful Ultra violet rays affect the skin.

Positive Effects

  • Energy levels are high when it is a bright sunny day after winter spell or rainy week, medically the increase in the serotonin levels have a great impact on the mood enhancement  and  the brain functions
  • lack of sunlight generally makes a person more indoors and snuggled in homes, without a breath of fresh air and sunlight, generally leading to depression due to seasonal changes, the dull and bad mood days are more during the rainy and cold seasons
  • fresh air and sunlight are a great way to relieve stress, walking or jogging in the park along with your pet is an amazing thereby to relive and de-clutter the negative thoughts
  • Improves the bone health, as today major source of immunity reduction for infants and kids are their exposure to the sun is very less, with the hectic schedule kids have.

Negative Effects

  • Long-term exposure to direct sunlight could damage the retina and have a permanent visual problem, the development of cloudy inflammations prevents clear vision,
  • A most common side effect of too much sun, is the sunburn that appears after four to five hours later after the direct sunlight, it is very painful and could lead to damage in the underlying tissues, using skin care products – stay safe to prevent tanning and skin related infections.

Applying sunscreen and wearing loose comfortable clothing to cover the exposed parts of the body are easy ways to enjoy the sun and stay away from sunburns.