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How To Increase Lung Capacity In Five Easy Steps

If you are suffering from chronic lung diseases then you need to work to increase your lung capacity. For those who are suffering from a lung disease, the lung capacity starts to diminish with time. This is the amount of air that the lining is able to hold and how quickly you can take in and take out air from your lungs and also how well your lungs are oxygenated and leaves the carbon dioxide. To improve the lung capacity this is what you should try to do.

Exercise tolerance

Improve your exercise tolerance to increase your lung capacity. When you exercise then your breathing rate and heartbeat increases and this lets your body have sufficient oxygen that strengthens your lungs and heart. With regular workouts, the person can increase his lung capacity.

Breathing exercise

Practicing some breathing exercises is also a great way to increase the lung capacity. Those who suffer from shortness of breath tend to have many problems. When you are in a relaxed state then the body breathes naturally and easily. Talk to your doctor to discuss the breathing exercises.

Stay optimistic

It is important to not give up easily but to work towards your goal. Have self-confidence and practice the exercises to achieve the goal. You should also indulge in self talk to be able to achieve your goals. You may also want to try out a cellular therapy to promote the health of your lungs and increase its capacity.


Certain vitamins also help to increase the lung capacity. VitaminD is highly beneficial for this. Adding vitamin D to the diet helps to increase the lung capacity and also helps to improve the respiratory muscle strength. Vitamin D helps to reduce any inflammation.


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