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Late to School Excuses

Do you think that if you tell the truth for being late to school will ever convince a bad tempered teacher? Most of us get late to school during many situations owing to our laziness. It is hard to get up early from the bed if it is too warm and comfy. What are the excuses you can give for being late to school? You can visit this website to know more about making convincing excuses.

An act of kindness: Explain what you did on the way to school to your teacher. An act of kindness like helping an old lady to reach home safely, rescuing a puppy fallen into a pit and helping someone to have meal will help you be seated in the class without much enquiry.

Misplacing glasses: If you have accidentally misplaced the glasses it is hard to sit through the classes with blackboard not being visible. You can say that you were searching for the glasses and got late to school.

Wardrobe malfunction: You can say that by the time you reached half way you realized that you forgot to wear the tie in a hurry. Tell that you had to rush back home for the tie.

Injury: This is not a pleasant excuse to make but to escape from the punishment for being late to school you can use it rarely. You can wear a plaster or sling to school to make all believe that you have been injured badly.

Traffic: You can tell your teacher that there was a bad accident on the road and you were stuck in the traffic. It took a lot of time for clearance that got you late to school.

Sick: You can tell your teacher that your aunt who stays nearby is sick and you had to take her to hospital as she has no one to attend to her.…