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7 Ways Testosterone Affects Men’s Health

Testosterone is an essential hormone that is produced in the human body. The entire process is controlled by the brain. The brain sends the instructions to the pituitary gland and the amount of testosterone secreted is also regulated by the brain. All the male characteristics of a human body are controlled by the brain through the amount of testosterone being released into the bloodstream.

There are many ways it affects the health of men. Some of these are:

  1. The most significant impact that testosterone has is on sexual performance. Millions of people the world over complain of some kind of issues related to sexual happiness due to levels of testosterone in their body.
  2. Testosterone also helps to develop and mature the genital organs during the growing up years and has a direct role on the libido and desire of a man once he is an adult and is sexually active. You can find some relevant information on that can help to combat the negative impact of lower levels of this hormone.
  3. The hair on the body and head are directly affected by the levels of this hormone. Even the facial hair is a result of the fluctuation in the hormone levels. So a person with higher testosterone will have a thick beard.
  4. Testosterone helps the muscle mass and exercise so has a direct impact on the shape and fitness of the body.
  5. Lower levels of this hormone can lead to lower bone density and that may increase the risk of fractures. This is also connected with Vitamin D deficiency.
  6. This hormone helps the body to metabolize fats in the best possible way. This has a direct impact on the health of a person.
  7. An interesting effect of this hormone is on the competitive spirit of humans. A person with higher testosterone will be more competitive and vice versa.

There is no reason to take a supplement of this hormone until recommended by a medical practitioner. However, it is advisable to follow the doctor’s instructions if you feel that any of these symptoms are debilitating and hampering the quality of your life.

How To Get A Tiny Waist And Flat Belly Fast

Following a diet can seem exciting especially when you see pictures and success stories of those who have been following the diet for a while. However, no one tells you the difficulties faces while following the diet. There are a number of instances and events that can derail you from your diet in no time.

Want to stick on to your diet no matter what the situation is, check out Movo Movo for some great ideas, meanwhile here are a few tips that can help you:

Portion Control

The first and foremost trick to eating less in your own home is portion control when you lay the table for a meal, do not lay the same sized plate or bowl for yourself. Get yourself a different plate or a bowl that can hold only a little food when compared to others’ plates. This will ensure you cannot serve more food and get carried away while having a chat at the dining table.

When your plate gets empty, it is a reminder that your meal is done and you should not eat more if you want to stick to the diet.


If you have kids around the house, storing and eating junk food can be close to inevitable. Instead of restraining yourself, change your household into a healthy eating household. If your kids love fried foods, fry something healthy, this way they will be getting part of the nutrition at least and you can eat the same food without frying.

Eat Ahead

Have a party to attend? Going out with friends? Eat at home before you step out. This way you are not starving when the food is ordered. When you go out in a group, it generally takes time to settle down and order the food, etc. in such a case; you are bound to get very hungry and end up eating things outside your diet chart.

Eating ahead while at home will ensure you don’t step out hungry, ready to binge eat on anything you can get your hands on.…