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A Five-Step Guide To Creating A Naturally, Healthy Tan

The UV rays of the sun can be both harmful and good for your body. Sun’s rays are very much important for the production of Vitamin D in our body. But, too much exposure to sun’s rays can really bring some major health problems in your life, in the future. Not only that, spending too much under the sun, can make your skin tanned and sun-kissed as well. The skin will look golden. With tanned skin being the ultimate trend now, you can now easily obtain it, without using any sort of chemicals. Following are some ways to help you achieve your own tanned skin.

Five Steps To Make Your Skin Look Golden


  • Exfoliate The Skin Regularly : Exfoliating is a process by which the skins sheds off all the dead cells, and thereby making the new and fresh cells to reappear. Therefore, this i sthe first thing to take care of when trying to get your skin tanned. Dead cells will block the sun rays from getting absorbed in the body. Apart from tha, exfoliating is also good for the skin as well.
  • Wear Sunscreen : Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. Sunscreen will help your tan look much more beautiful and cleaner as well. You can buy sunscreen according to your skin type, and carry it anywhere in your replica Prada bag.
  • Spend The Right Amount Of Time On Tanning : Spending two to three hours everyday will be sufficient to get the perfect tanned skin. Even if you spend more than three hours, the skin of yours will stop producing any sort of melanin, as it is the peak amount it can get upto that period.
  • Use A UV Wristband : A UV wristband will come in handy all throughout the day, telling you the strength of the sun’s rays. This will help you know when to stop tanning and also know that the sunscreen of yours is diminishing, as the time passes on. This will help your skin not get any kind of harmful rays from the sun.
  • Don’t Go For Tanning Beds : If you want to get tanned, always go for the natural process. Don’t fall for tanning beds, as the light that comes out from them, contains more UV than the rays of the sun. That’s why, you’ll be more susceptible to cancer in this process. Thus, always opt for the natural tanning process, which will be a lot more easier on your body.