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3 Reasons Why Monogamy Might Be Good for Your Health

Okay, so I was talking to a group of students:

The conversation naturally veered into the topic if monogamy was good as against polygamy. Now, I had my own reservations on the subject and I think that it is because of-of my upbringing. To be frank, I lost my father very early on and my mother raised all the three of us singlehandedly. She never married again or even thought of it, I think!

So, obviously, in my mind I am prejudiced. But it was heartening to listen to this motley group of young men and women who were also mooting for monogamy. At least half of them come from broken homes and dysfunctional families where either one of the parents has marooned the family or is explicitly in a relationship with someone else.

The benefits of monogamy:


Research across the globe indicates categorically that while the push and the pull are eminent in a relationship, the people in a relationship have a better chance at living longer than those who are either single or in a polygamous relationship.

Also, it indicates that men and women in a monogamous relationship are aware that they have a better quality of life together and therefore they do not veer away from each other. The participants in the study were asked if they felt a need to sleep with anyone else and 95 percent replied in the negative. The reason that they gave was that they were satisfied with their partners sexually and hence felt no need for it.

A monogamous relationship is good for health:

People who stick together for long kind of grow on each other and also begin understanding each other’s needs even without any major communication with regard to it.  In the long run, monogamy as an institution within marriage helps ward off depression, nervous disorders, psychological diseases, mental meltdowns and also increases the survival rate from lifestyle-related diseases like of the heart and kidney and even Cancers.

You can read Cumswingwithme for more reasons why monogamy is indeed good for health. It is not just like that that there is a spate of increase in monogamous marriages!