Month: November 2018

A Complete List: Good and Bad Cooking Oils

You may select a whole lot of fresh green vegetables and sprouts for cooking a tasty and healthy meal.  But the cooking oil you use can convert the food into a nutrient nourishing the body or can be a dangerous source of disease.  Read on to know the best cooking oils and the ones you are not supposed to use.

Good oils:

Let us see the list of oils which do a lot of good things to your body and improve your health:

Coconut oil:   Coconut oil has high Lauric acid content.    This helps in killing infectious bacteria in the human stomach.  It heals ulcers.  It helps in the glow of skin, hair, and nails.  The oil has excellent antifungal properties.  Hence it never gets rancid.  It stays fresh for a long time.  It adds a good fragrance to food.  It improves body metabolism.

Extra virgin olive oil:  Olive oil tastes well when used in the preparation of vegetarian food and meat as well.  It is rich in antioxidants.  It has very low-fat content and hence highly recommended by doctors for those suffering from heart ailments.  Olive oil is strongly recommended by ketogenic websites like because it does not result in obesity.

Butter:  Butter is a good source of Vitamin A, D and E.  It is highly anti-cancerous.  When used as ghee it helps in smooth functioning of joints.

Bad oils:

Never use the below oils as these will affect your health:

Palm oil: It has a high volume of bad fats and has Omega 6 fatty acid which can affect your heart.  Also, palm oil manufacture leads to deforestation in a rapid manner.

Sunflower oil:  Sunflower oil raises cholesterol levels in the blood to dangerous levels.  It has a low smoke point and not suitable for cooking.

Vegetable oil:  Vegetable oil gets rancid easily.   Consuming food prepared using the rancid oil can lead to stomach issues.…