Month: August 2018

3 Reasons Why Monogamy Might Be Good for Your Health

Okay, so I was talking to a group of students:

The conversation naturally veered into the topic if monogamy was good as against polygamy. Now, I had my own reservations on the subject and I think that it is because of-of my upbringing. To be frank, I lost my father very early on and my mother raised all the three of us singlehandedly. She never married again or even thought of it, I think!

So, obviously, in my mind I am prejudiced. But it was heartening to listen to this motley group of young men and women who were also mooting for monogamy. At least half of them come from broken homes and dysfunctional families where either one of the parents has marooned the family or is explicitly in a relationship with someone else.

The benefits of monogamy:


Research across the globe indicates categorically that while the push and the pull are eminent in a relationship, the people in a relationship have a better chance at living longer than those who are either single or in a polygamous relationship.

Also, it indicates that men and women in a monogamous relationship are aware that they have a better quality of life together and therefore they do not veer away from each other. The participants in the study were asked if they felt a need to sleep with anyone else and 95 percent replied in the negative. The reason that they gave was that they were satisfied with their partners sexually and hence felt no need for it.

A monogamous relationship is good for health:

People who stick together for long kind of grow on each other and also begin understanding each other’s needs even without any major communication with regard to it.  In the long run, monogamy as an institution within marriage helps ward off depression, nervous disorders, psychological diseases, mental meltdowns and also increases the survival rate from lifestyle-related diseases like of the heart and kidney and even Cancers.

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A Five-Step Guide To Creating A Naturally, Healthy Tan

The UV rays of the sun can be both harmful and good for your body. Sun’s rays are very much important for the production of Vitamin D in our body. But, too much exposure to sun’s rays can really bring some major health problems in your life, in the future. Not only that, spending too much under the sun, can make your skin tanned and sun-kissed as well. The skin will look golden. With tanned skin being the ultimate trend now, you can now easily obtain it, without using any sort of chemicals. Following are some ways to help you achieve your own tanned skin.

Five Steps To Make Your Skin Look Golden


  • Exfoliate The Skin Regularly : Exfoliating is a process by which the skins sheds off all the dead cells, and thereby making the new and fresh cells to reappear. Therefore, this i sthe first thing to take care of when trying to get your skin tanned. Dead cells will block the sun rays from getting absorbed in the body. Apart from tha, exfoliating is also good for the skin as well.
  • Wear Sunscreen : Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. Sunscreen will help your tan look much more beautiful and cleaner as well. You can buy sunscreen according to your skin type, and carry it anywhere in your replica Prada bag.
  • Spend The Right Amount Of Time On Tanning : Spending two to three hours everyday will be sufficient to get the perfect tanned skin. Even if you spend more than three hours, the skin of yours will stop producing any sort of melanin, as it is the peak amount it can get upto that period.
  • Use A UV Wristband : A UV wristband will come in handy all throughout the day, telling you the strength of the sun’s rays. This will help you know when to stop tanning and also know that the sunscreen of yours is diminishing, as the time passes on. This will help your skin not get any kind of harmful rays from the sun.
  • Don’t Go For Tanning Beds : If you want to get tanned, always go for the natural process. Don’t fall for tanning beds, as the light that comes out from them, contains more UV than the rays of the sun. That’s why, you’ll be more susceptible to cancer in this process. Thus, always opt for the natural tanning process, which will be a lot more easier on your body.

How To Get A Tiny Waist And Flat Belly Fast

Following a diet can seem exciting especially when you see pictures and success stories of those who have been following the diet for a while. However, no one tells you the difficulties faces while following the diet. There are a number of instances and events that can derail you from your diet in no time.

Want to stick on to your diet no matter what the situation is, check out Movo Movo for some great ideas, meanwhile here are a few tips that can help you:

Portion Control

The first and foremost trick to eating less in your own home is portion control when you lay the table for a meal, do not lay the same sized plate or bowl for yourself. Get yourself a different plate or a bowl that can hold only a little food when compared to others’ plates. This will ensure you cannot serve more food and get carried away while having a chat at the dining table.

When your plate gets empty, it is a reminder that your meal is done and you should not eat more if you want to stick to the diet.


If you have kids around the house, storing and eating junk food can be close to inevitable. Instead of restraining yourself, change your household into a healthy eating household. If your kids love fried foods, fry something healthy, this way they will be getting part of the nutrition at least and you can eat the same food without frying.

Eat Ahead

Have a party to attend? Going out with friends? Eat at home before you step out. This way you are not starving when the food is ordered. When you go out in a group, it generally takes time to settle down and order the food, etc. in such a case; you are bound to get very hungry and end up eating things outside your diet chart.

Eating ahead while at home will ensure you don’t step out hungry, ready to binge eat on anything you can get your hands on.…